goodies to Share
(1) Download: Vision model (3.3MB)
This model explains how the human vision is capable of seeing a vast range of luminance of natural images with limited neural circuit. 

(2) Download: OrbitView (1.7MB)
This tool converts the measured eye movement data into a 3D movie of eye movements. Having useful functions such as slow-play, pause and exaggeration of the movements, this new software provides a research and teaching tool to aid interpretation of the recorded eye movements. The following movie compares the emulated 3D eye movements and the actual eye movements.

(3) Download Blip:
24 MB
 6, 2017)
This is a Windows-based neural-recording and behavior-controlling experimental solution. This system is used to conduct all of my current experiments. Only the 64bit version is provided precompiled.

(4) Download "Virtual Electrode":
2 MB
 (March 11, 2017)

This software lets you do 2 things: 
1) Register your MR images in 3D. Put a virtual electrode in the 3D space and let you steer it. Depending on the position of the electrode, the corresponding coronal and sagittal MR images will be displayed with the electrode tip marking on them. This way you know where your electrode is in the 3D space of the coronal and sagittal MRIs.
2) Draw on the MRIs to make notes
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